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Image of Principal Valerie Johnson-Martin of Alger B. Wilkins High SchoolDear Wilkins’s Students and Parents!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Our new theme this year is “Embracing The Future”, because the future is nothing that should be feared but embraced for the potential of greatness that it holds.   It is my belief that every child has the ability and the potential to reach his or her academic and educational goals through hard work, dedication and commitment to success.   Many have asked the question, What makes Alger B. Wilkins so unique? Wilkins has a non-traditional educational environment that combines strong personal relationships between staff and students with an intense focus on academic achievement. We believe that we are building leaders through the use of small academic settings, a business-like environment, and self-directed learning.  These opportunities enable students to stay in school, excel academically, and graduate with a marketable skill.

Through a community-oriented, real-world focus, Wilkins will provide all students the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment programs and explore career options with the help of community partners. Job shadowing, local internships and career fair events are a few of the many opportunities we offer at Alger B. Wilkins.  With this combination of high expectations and strong student support, we make it possible for all students to get back on track, tap into their hidden potential and focus on college and/or careers beyond the high school experience.

As the Principal of Alger B Wilkins High School, it is my sincere desire to equip all students with the skills needed that will lead our school in a path of continuous improvement in an environment where students develop skills that promote self confidence, which in turn, helps our students to achieve their goals and become productive members of society. In addition, it is important that all staff members utilize and partake in diverse leadership responsibilities which also helps us to learn how to value others, and display outstanding communication skills while facilitating the needs of the students.  These attributes of success are important in providing an example of achievement, and when combined with a solid knowledge of instruction and direction, for each of our students at Alger B. Wilkins High School, our students will have a better chance of defeating the odds and persevering in spite of the obstacles.

In closing, we are in the business of building leaders and embracing the future at Alger B. Wilkins High School. We are here to support and help all of our students believe and achieve their academic and career goals.


Mrs. Valerie Johnson-Martin


Picture of Assistant Principal Michael Bain of Alger B. Wilkins High School

I am delighted to serve as your Assistant Principal at Alger B. Wilkins High School this year.  Wilkins High School is an extraordinary place where students can learn at an accelerated pace.  Wilkins utilizes online curriculum, small personalized settings, and dedicated staff to ensure your children’s utmost success.

As an experienced and committed educator, I know students excel when given the combined opportunity and necessary tools to do so.  I know that each student at Wilkins High School has the ability to achieve their goal of graduation.  All students at Alger B. Wilkins will graduate and be successful in their future goals and endeavors with the help of parents, the school, and the community.


Mr. Michael Bain



Published by Valerie Martin on August 27, 2020